Retail hay sales in Weatherford, Texas or we will deliver minimum 24 or maximum 144 bales to your ranch.

If space is a problem, buy by the bale from Hay USA in Weatherford, Texas. Premium horse hay is in stock year round. If handling the hay is a problem or time is a concern, we will deliver for a fee.

There is no need for an appointment to pick up your hay. Come visit us at Hay USA.
There are no minimums no maximums and we load your truck!

Your pick up truck will hold:

  • Long bed trucks will hold 4 flat in the bed
  • Long bed trucks will hold 8 flat double stacked the bed
  • Long bed trucks will hold 16 bales easy ride
  • Long bed trucks will hold 24 bales maximum
  • Short bed trucks will hold 3 flat in the bed
  • Short bed trucks will hold 3 flat double stacked the bed
  • Short bed trucks will hold 12 bales easy ride
  • Short bed trucks will hold 18 bales maximum

Lets do the math & dare to compare Hay USA retail prices when you pick up your hay at Hay USA.

(This is an example only)
(Call for current prices.)

Retail Hay USA
Alfalfa @135# / 2000 = 14.81 bales per ton x $21.00 per bale = $311.00 per ton

Retail Hay USA
Alfalfa @100# / 2000 = 20 bales per ton x $17.00 per bale = $340.00 per ton

Alfalfa @100# / 2000 = 20 bales per ton x $20.00 per bale = $400.00 per ton

Alfalfa @55# / 2000 = 36.36 bales per ton x $12.00 per bale = $436.00 per ton

Hay USA has no control over bale weight on heavy bales. This is estimated on average loads that come to Hay USA retail location. The bale weight can be between 120# to 145 # on the load weight average. Prices per ton at the stack are market price in California.

Are you a candidate to pick up your hay retail in Weatherford Texas?
Or do you need your hay delivered?

  • Are you feeding fewer than 20 horses?
  • Are you far from Weatherford Texas? Click here for MapQuest
  • Do you have limited space for hay?
  • Required space needed for a semi truck?
  • Do you understand the costs involved?

Let's do the math for a delivery of hay.

(This is an example only)
(Call for current prices.)

Order for 80 bales 3 string California 100 # alfalfa

Hay purchased onsite at Hay USA by the bale in Weatherford Texas
80@$17.00 per bale = $1,360.00

Delivery to Flower Mound Texas from Weatherford
$131.40 ($2.00 per loaded mile @65.7 miles )

Off loading and stacking in your barn
80@$1.50 = $120.00

Total $ 1,611.40 Bale cost $20.14 (delivered 65.7 miles from Weatherford !)
Includes hay delivered and stacked in the barn

Our delivery truck holds a maximum of 80 bales

Remember when ordering for a local delivery:

  • One three string bale feeds one horse for approximately one week if fed two times a day.
  • A 7 day lead time is helpful on local deliveries.
  • We can not deliver in the rain.
  • Easy access, a clean barn and ample dry space to stack your hay is important.
  • All orders are COD
  • You are required to be present upon delivery for acceptance of your hay.
  • The more hay on a local delivery the more cost effective per bale.

Hay prices escalate in the winter season because of the higher cost of barn stored hay and increased demand! Our shipping prices fluctuate depending on fuel cost. The best time to buy hay is during the summer season.

Payments and terms: All hay deliveries are paid for C.O.D. at the farm for all new clients.

Truck access and storage: It is very important the truck has easy access to the barn and can enter and exit without hitting gates or trees. You must have a dry clean space to store the hay.

Our barns are full year round with premium horse hay from the West coast. California Alfalfa, California Bermuda, Washington Timothy and California Straw.

For safe hay you can trust, Call Hay USA. Your livestock is depending on you.


Nation wide Call 817-599-0200
for current retail and full load prices.
Hay USA Inc. feeds a wide variety of horses.
We supply hay for top performing horses, breeding facilities large and small to the
back yard horse owner.
Our clients are educated and can not afford to take risks.
That is why they buy from Hay USA Inc.

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