Hay USA Has an Ample Stock of Hay

First, don’t worry we have hay in stock we have purchased 3x our regular inventory to take care of new clients who’s local stores can not service them. We will have hay for the entire year. I was on 8 planes in 10 days in April to secure all of us with premium forage in the regions of the west where water is plentiful . So please don’t panic, we have beautiful hay in stock.

We Still Supply Only Premium Hay

We focus on a selection of premium horse hay since 1989. Supplying premium hay in this climate is a uphill battle for everyone involved from the client to the farmer. Our farmers are working very hard to bring us the best hay possible while prices are high and water levels are at unprecedented lows in the west. I want to thank you for supporting them as they support the heath and wellbeing of our livestock.

Please Know . .

  • WE ARE NOT ON THE INTERNET OFFERING UNREALISTIC PRICES. A Facebook page called Texas hay and straw sales is selling hay saying it’s $7.00 and asking for $1500.00 down and giving our address saying it’s there hay!!! Buyer please beware. Clearly a scam! Not us!
  • WE ARE NOT NOT NOT THE INTERSTATE. Please don’t mistake us for anyone else. We are NOT Hay Texas, we are NOT across from Teskeys. We are Hay USA off of Highway 180 and have been here for 32 years.

I’m Liz the owner. I am the only person who answers the phone and I have since 1989! I try my best to return missed calls but it's hard these days! My recommendation is come look just in case I don't get back to you in time. If you like it buy it!! If not, you know where you can always get it. If you need a delivery please text us.

We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.

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