Oak Song Farm
Driftwood, Texas

The summer of 2011 was a bad one in the Texas hill country. We had no rain for more than 9 months, with temperatures of well over 100 degrees every day for months.

Hay had become more and more expensive and by October was becoming hard to find at all. Our "regular" hay dealer had already told us he would not be able to supply our winter hay.

We have a small Andalusian breeding farm in Driftwood, Texas where we run around 30 horses with no pasture on site. Every October we buy approximately 6 months of hay (roughly 1500 bales) to last us until the spring cutting begins. We had begun talking to various people and had verbal promises from 4 or 5 different sources. The price per bale, which had been $8 only a short time ago, was now running in the $12 to $15 range. Finally, I made a verbal agreement to buy a truckload of coastal hay out of Florida, with the understanding that I could see a sample of the hay before the deal was final.

In mid October we took horses to Fort Worth for the Andalusian National Show. Here I found an ad for Liz Blitzer and HayUSA. Frankly, it all seemed too good to be true. I contacted Liz and found that the hay WAS available, came from Oregon, was mostly Orchard grass and was priced at $24 a bale which made a truckload about $11,000.

Normally, any one of these facts would be a deal breaker for me. I am a firm believer in feeding a local product. I have kept horses for over 30 years and I have always fed coastal Bermuda and alfalfa and know nothing about Orchard grass and I never even heard of hay selling for $24 a bale!

Liz was incredibly patient with me and explained that the bales were well over 100 lbs apiece which brought the price to $12 for 60 lbs. (the weight of a conventional bale).  The orchard grass has a comparable protein level to coastal and is much more digestible as it is a softer less fibrous grass.  She sent me pictures of the hay (which was bright green) and put me in contact with people who were already feeding it for a reference and recommendation.  We were also put in contact with the grower and the hauler, both of whom were super knowledgeable and super nice people.

At some point it came to me that these people were serious about what they were doing. It was at about that time that I got a call to come and look at the sample coastal hay I had agreed to buy. It was brown, dry, had a bitter smell and the bales probably weighed 40 lbs.  The only thing worse than buying some of this hay would be buying a whole truckload of it.  Meanwhile, one by one all of our verbal hay agreements were falling by the wayside.

I called Liz and said yes. We sent her a deposit and received a delivery date.  Every aspect of this business deal proceeded in an orderly and reasonable fashion. There was good communication and follow thru all the way through our transaction. Liz told us exactly what would be needed to handle the larger bales, exactly how much space was needed for the larger truck, kept us informed step by step during the delivery process and basically made the whole process as easy and surprise free as it could have been.

We could not be more thrilled with the hay. This is as close to perfect hay as I can imagine having. It is perfectly clean, bright green, smells like a spring meadow in heavy, tightly packed bales with no trace of dust or mold. It is tightly packed and breaks into perfect heavy flakes with almost no waste. The nutritional value of this hay is such that we have been able to feed most horses 1 flake at a feeding (half of what we were feeding before) and still see a clear improvement in condition.

Several of our horses who had been "nutritional mysteries" and had not been thriving no matter how much we fed suddenly filled out, developed a shiny coat and began to work with new energy.

I know this all sounds a little over the top, but this is a very straight forward description of our experience. I would not hesitate to buy this hay again.  I also cannot imagine a better person to do business with than Liz

Thank You Liz. Thank You HayUSA.

Becky McGaughy

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As a typical person growing up in Texas, the only types of hay I had ever heard of were coastal, Alfalfa and Johnson grass hay. I had a couple of mares that every time I would feed a round bale of coastal, I had to call my vet and get them treated for colic. After about the third time of me paying a vet bill, I asked the vet what was the problem. He asked me if I had tried any other kind of hay besides Coastal. I inquired what other kinds of hay I could feed. He told me about Timothy hay, but it didn’t grow in Texas, or anywhere close by for that matter. So I started the search for this “new” hay. I hit the jackpot at HAY USA. Immediately after I started to feed Timothy, my colic problems ceased. The horse’s coats and overall appearance improved so much, I started feeding Liz’s Timothy to all of my 24 Gypsy horses. This new diet did the trick, Jimbo is the 2009 Gypsy World Champion of Champion Stallion and JoJo is the 2009 Gypsy World Champion of Champion Mare, both winning this award at the 2009 Fort Worth Stock Show. The good thing about Liz’s hay is consistency, I have never bought a bad bale in many years. Every bale is just like the first one, weed free, dust free, green and superb quality. For anyone wanting to improve their feeding program and doesn’t like the “heat” of Alfalfa, give Liz a call try some of her Timothy for a month, your horse will be hooked. I firmly believe Timothy is the best hay a horse can be fed, and Liz has the prettiest Timothy hay I have ever seen.

Craig Towson
Imagesetter Ranch, Inc. – Gypsy Horses
Weatherford, Texas

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We buy loads and loads of both Alfalfa and Bermuda grass hay from Hay USA and I do not know what we did before we found Liz Blitzer!  The excellent quality hay is always here at the day and time she says it will be.  We can depend on the quality that we ordered with every load.  Liz Blitzer is a joy to work with as she is always honest, dependable and has a constant smile on her face.  We at Carol Rose Quarter Horses feed both Alfalfa hay and Bermuda grass hay to approximately 400 horses year round and we know, regardless of the weather, our hay worries are over because we do business with Hay USA and Liz Blitzer.

Carol Rose
Carol Rose Quarter Horses, Gainesville, TX


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I have been raising and showing Paint horses at the national level for 11 years. Within the Paint and Pinto breeds I have achieved World and Reserve World Championships and World Show Top 10's in several disciplines. I also have an equine motion picture company which produces custom videos for horse owners. Quality hay is essential to my breeding program. I have been buying Bermuda hay at Hay USA for a few years now. Although Liz is 6 hours away, I know that her hay will always be the same quality standard she strives for, and always be available when I need it. I am able to use a little less grain when feeding this hay and the horses eat every bite. It keeps my horses fit, healthy, and happy. My broodmares enjoy the beautiful alfalfa from Hay USA as well. As long as I am able to come to Weatherford for my hay I will continue to come to Hay USA.

Equine Motion Pictures
Cuero, TX



As an Equine Veterinarian, the importance of high quality feed is a frequent topic of discussion between me and my clients. High quality feed is paramount to the proper nutrition of horses because they are unable to digest and utilize poor quality feed. I feed hay from Hay USA to my personal horses because the consistent quality provides them with the proper level of nutrition year ‘round. I recommend Hay USA to my clients because of the quality, value and convenience.

Warren C. Wynn, DVM
Wynn Veterinary Services
Weatherford, Texas



Hay USA has the best hay bottom line. As a reproductive ranch it was a struggle to maintain a high quality hay on a regular basis. If you know anything about hay, you know it is an in or out business, retailers come and go, and there is never any cosistancy. Liz Blitzer of Hay Usa has mastered this art, we can always trust her to be there with good quality hay, we purchase by the truck load and we are always more than satisfied. Other local retailers have a good load now and then, with Liz, its a good load EVERY TIME! and thats something you can count on. Just call Liz, its worth it!

Kay Edge
Manager of Genesis Reproduction
Brock, TX



I drive 110 miles to get to Hay USA and I am feeding 15 horses. Since I have been buying alfalfa at Hay USA, I have noticed my horses are more content plus my grain bill has ben cut by 70%. Believe it or not. . . I have noticed that they will leave their grain to eat their hay! I see a big turn around in their coat and their weight is solid. They drink more water and they are fuller and happier. Their stool is moist and green like it is supposed to be. Its worth the drive because everyone is healthy and it is saving me money. "Trust me, if it wasn't working I wouldn't have come back after the first time plus its safe."

Terry Gunter
Dean Weir
Waco Texas

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